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Women rights

  I write in www.chehrehpoush.com, then i update my weblog rarely….

Now, i wanna to write about 8march (woman’s day). I think every fighter or intensive fighter only says about 8 march history and a little of them say, write or … about a problem. All of them solve!!! it but they don’t know what is the problem. Do you know what is this???

I think they need self-confidence to think, work and life. They are only a model and a vision for attract people for sex or buying a good. Is it human rights? They need independence to do that they must, to love that they want, to listen to that they like, to watch that they need, they did not born for tolerate agony, starvation and toil.

Our intellectual!!! said: The women must gain their rights but they did not say what are they rights, how they can gain these nor they believe these. It is our problem. The result of they hard job: We can see the political theme in women problems, then in 22th of Khordad Iran’s government do that and now they imprison 50 women that they want their right and don’t want political score or …

It is one of our intellectual result: http://www.kayhannews.ir/851214/2.htm#other207

At the end I want to introduce some weblog and sites about women problems:

1. http://www.parswomen.org

2. http://passor.ir

3. http://boudanyanaboudan.blogfa.com