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Volunteer Actors

let see…

1. I put the campaign again: http://we-change.org/spip.php?article11

2. I wanna to introduce to you our institute websites: http://www.irancsos.org=Iran Civil Society Organizations or http://www.irancsos.net

“Volunteer Actors” institute estabiulished in 1380 (2001) and work on “Iran CSOs Training & Research Center (ICTRC)”.

It has 2 offices in Iran and want to open 3rd office as soon. The main office based in Tehran and another one in Shiraz.

It published the first news website about Iran CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) in Shahrivar (September): http://www.koneshgaran.net


I am working in Shiraz office. I glad to hear, see you or read your letter. We can help you to optimaize or estabilish your NGO.

it is our Y! group:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/volunteer_actors