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When I was …

It is the rule:
Yesterday, when we were living
We were young
Now, when we …
We died….
It is my life:
When i was young……..

Sun shine

Sun shine is a message:

                                   Wait and look at me

                                                                  to forget….


We are here:

                          In the big cage….

                                                       In the earth…………..


It is a dream,
I my mind,
In your mind,
In man mind….

Live like him
In silence,
In trust,
In ….

Blind alley

Alone, with the mind of  heaped up of life harm

                                                            Hang round in death alleys…

A journey to blinds….

                                   At the end of  one alley

                                                                     At the last blind alley…

I read this:

         “Death is the end of dove” 


this picture created from Mohsen Zare, One of my best friends.


This is our world….




                                                         and, at last:


He want to live

When we eat

               When we drink

                             When we kiss

                                            Wwhen we …

                                                      We can find:

                                                                “he want to live”


The name of photo is: “Fear and sorrow” that photographed by “Maciej Dakowicz”


I went…

            I leaved…

                               I …


what can i see, say, hear, undrestand, …


                                                                                        i capture in my dreams of my selfish?



“ronald koster” took this photo


نمی دونم چرا شروع کردم به نوشتن، ولی الآن دلیلی برای نوشتن دوباره نمی بینم…. من رفتم. به همین سادگی

خیلی چیزا رو از شما یاد گرفتم و رفتمنم این نعمت رو بر باد می‌ده. شاید برگردم ولی نمی‌دونم کی!!! این بار





به درود

Come back

I come back

But not like bygone. I come back to write about that I wanna to change, about that I wanna to improve, about that I wanna to develop.

About that we must to see, to feel or to hear that are not suitable for us and our community and that are destroy it.

What do you think about this job?

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