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1. I was publish 2 issues of Hastia magazine…

The topic was about “women in Islamic tought”. In the first issue wrote opinion of Imam Khomeini and Ali Khamenei and in the second issue wrote about MohammadHossein Fazlollah’s opinion about women….

2. Ali Fotovvati and Sayad Sabet and I published first issue of Shabane (www.shabane.ir). It is printed and web-base magazine. It depended on students branch of Mosharekat party….

3. you can find me in www.javdan.info as soon as possible…

4. Javdan web-designing group, design a website for Navid Bazmandegan. It name is www.darchin.ir

5. Second issue of “3rd Mag” was published a day after the Iranian Security Agancy arrested Dr.Sohrab Razaghi. you can read it: www.3rdmag.net