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In the name of Democracy

1. Yesterday I heard that IRIB wanna to show avowal of Ramin Jahanbogloo, Hale Esfandiari and Yahya Kian TajBakhsh.

2. I received a message: “hey man! congratulate your hacked site”. It is the site of IRIB research center.

3. The www.baztab.com (related to Mohsen Rezaei – previous boss of Sepah-e Pasdaran) published the news about establishing of Farsi BBC TV in Iran and had a news about reduceing popularity of IRIB.

I think these news must link together… in the first news IRIB wanna to say: “USA and Israil want a silent (colored) revolution in Iran by Iranian NGOs”. (I should say it: in 23 Esfand 1385 -I think few weeks after recording these avowals- Iranian security agency locked the head office of ICTRC in Tehran and block its’ accounts. The guilt!!! of ICTRC was selling security information to foreigner for silence revolution!!!!!! I worked there….) in second news we have a hacker that want to send his/her objections to IRIB. why? because s/he believe the IRIB banned Javan radio because this radio had an virtual election about President Dr.Mahmood AmmadiNejad. => in 3rd news we heard about new news TV.

I think IRIB must change the opinion structure about political occurs and must hadn’t siding opinion. I know that you are laugh but I think we must repeat and repeat this ask…